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Committed to
Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral. That’s Refreshing.

We are Climate Active Certified

Climate Active is Australia’s collective initiative for climate action. Driven by members and activated by consumers, Climate Active is a unique government-backed program that enables businesses, government and community to reduce carbon emissions.

Our Emissions

As part of our commitment to being a carbon neutral beer, we’ve made changes to the brewing process to reduce our emissions, like brewing with a combo of malted and unmalted barley, skipping an unnecessary filtration step and using a natural refrigerant that does not impact the ozone layer.

Over 99.5% of our partner brewery waste is recycled, this includes all the grains leftover after brewing, that goes to supplement cattle feed. On top of this, the brewery has solar panels on the roof helping to reduce the power needed from the grid.

Purchasing Offsets

We’ve partnered with GreenCollar to purchase Australian Carbon Credits that align with our LARGO ethos.

Located 150 km west of Bourke in NSW, the project we’re supporting is storing carbon in native vegetation, while improving biodiversity and contributing to ecosystem regeneration within the Darling River basin.

A Carbon Neutral Product

Through limiting emissions in the production cycle of our bevvies, and purchasing credible Australian carbon offsets, Climate Active has approved us as Certified Carbon Neutral Product. Basically, this means LARGO is part of a collective effort of legendary Australian brands committed to measuring, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions to lessen the impact on our beautiful planet.

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